Session I is on Tuesday, June 18 from 11am-12pm

Few Like Change

Bishops Lowenfield, Andrews, and Jackson
Few like change…and yet, in order for a congregation to become an effective communi-ties for Disciple-Making, significant changes in church culture is often required. Since we know that only infants enjoy to be changed, the challenges a local parish faces to become a healthy place of disciple-making are oftentimes daunting.

Bishops Clark, Keith and Ron all represent a movement within several dioceses within our Province who are supporting and serving their parishes toward this kind of church community, change and health. They will have a lively and important discussion in this workshop, and will share and interact with those gathered, both the tremendous joys and challenges of living into God’s ministry and mission..making disciples of His Son and our Lord Jesus Christ.
About Bishop Clark Lowenfield
Bishop Clark WP Lowenfield is in the sixth year of his consecration as the first bishop Ordinary of the Anglican Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast. With a deep passion for the disciplining of fully devoted followers of Jesus, he leads his Diocese in the signifi-cant change required toward forming biblically healthy individuals, marriages and fami-lies. He is a graduate of Amherst College and the University of the South. Married to Tricia, with three grown daughters, two son-in-laws and three granddaughters.
About Bishop Keith Andrews
The Rev. Dr. M. Keith Andrews was elected by the Anglican Church in North America’s College of Bishops on October 10, 2014, to serve as bishop for the Diocese of Western Anglicans. Dr. Andrews as served as the Arizona – Nevada regional Dean for the Dio-cese of Western Anglicans. Since 2005, he has served as rector of Living Faith Angli-can Church in Tempe, AZ. He is led by a deep abiding passion for discipleship.
Bishop Ron Jackson
Bishop Ron Jackson was ordained as a priest in 1973. Since then, he has served in churches all over, including California, Tennessee and Capetown in South Africa. He has had an even broader reach in his missionary work, serving in India, South America and Africa. Jackson also taught ministry at Trinity College in England for six years be-fore being elected and consecrated as bishop in 2016. The Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes, which extends from southern Ontario to Lexington, Ky., was established in 2010. He and his wife, Patricia, have four children and six grandchildren.

Forming People and Pastors into Christlikeness of Life

Dr. Geoff Chapman

Fifteen years ago, Geoff came under the influence of Dallas Willard and James Bryan Smith during Sabbatical studies.  Since then he has pioneered ways to bring Christian spiritual formation into the life of his parish (St Stephens/Sewickley, Pa) and into the lives of our pastors.  His workshop will introduce the core dynamics of what they do, the curriculum they use, and the Community they have built for both pastors and parishioners.

About the Leader:
The Reverend Geoffrey W. Chapman and his wife Becca have served in 6 parishes: in Akron, Cleveland, Fairfax, Shreveport, Pittsburgh, and for the last 22 years at St Stephens in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. They are parents to 6 children (all now married and building families) and grandparents to 17 grandchildren with 2 more due soon.

Rev. Chapman’s passion is working closely with people toward living fully in the light of what matters most: God’s undeserved love, forgiveness from failures, love of family, healing from life’s wounds, life from above, love of neighbor, and preparing for God’s immense future.

Disciple-Making Through Word and Sacrament

Bishop Stewart Ruch and Team

Rarely discussed yet clearly prominent, the Apostle Paul described his disciple-making as the work of a spiritual father.  This seminar will explore the distinctiveness of Word and Sacrament disciple-making as a Holy Spirit work in which spiritual mothers and fathers raise up spiritual sons and daughters. In doing so, disciples and churches are multiplied.

About the Leader:

Stewart is married to Katherine, and they have six children. Their first love and passion is raising their children and developing their family as a “domestic church.”

 In September 2013, Stewart was consecrated Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of the Upper Midwest (ACNA). By the end of 2018, the Upper Midwest Diocese planted 35 new churches in 7 states since being formed a diocese in June 2013.

 Stewart’s life-defining vision is to see a Revival of Word and Sacrament infused by the Holy Spirit in the Upper Midwest.

Navigating the Book of Common Prayer (2019)

The Most Reverend Robert Duncan with a Panel of Liturgy Task Force Members

“The Book of Common Prayer (2019) is a form of prayers and praises that is thoroughly Biblical, catholic in the manner of the early centuries, highly participatory in delivery, peculiarly Anglican and English in its roots, culturally adaptive and missional in a most remarkable way, utterly accessible to the people, and whose repetitions are intended to form the faithful catechetically and to give them doxological voice.”

This session will focus on the content of our new Book of Common Prayer. A panel of the Liturgy Task Force members will provide a road map by sharing an overview of the BCP’s framework and by focusing on a few of its frequently used sections.

The panel will be responding to questions generated at this breakout session.

Making Disciples of All Nations: Growing Your Church Through Missions?

Jenny Noyes, Executive Director (Executive Director, New Wineskins Missionary Network, Rev. Chris Culpepper (Christ The Redeemer, Ft. Worth, TX), Rev. Phil Eberhart (Resurrection Anglican Fellowship, Denver, CO), and Wendy Niemeyer (Seed of Hope Global, Ada, MI).

Come and hear stories from church pastors and lay leaders whose parishes have experienced spiritual and numeric growth by having local and global missions as a central focus of their ministry. Many people erroneously think that they have to choose between focusing on discipleship within the parish and focusing on the needs of the community and the world. Discipleship and evangelism/mission are two sides of the same coin. You’ll hear testimonies from leaders from small and large, and rural, suburban and urban parishes to show how missional DNA leads to church health and growth in every area of the church’s life.

Catechism 101

Rev. Dr. Stephen Lake and Rev. Dr. Joel Scandrett

This session is designed to answer all, or at least most, of your questions about To Be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism. The session will provide an overview of the structure and purpose of the catechism. It will explain the major changes in the recently released Approved Edition and the reasons for those changes. It will present a variety of settings and ways in which the catechism can be taught. We will close with questions and answers.

ARDF Disaster Relief and the Local Church

Rev. Greg Miller, Tommy Lamb, and Mary Bates

Sandy, Harvey, Matthew, Maria, Florence. These are names that bring to mind images and experiences of devastation, suffering, and loss.  From hurricanes to wildfires to flooding, catastrophic tragedies seem to bombard us these days.  Our hearts break and we long to help, but often we are left asking how can we really make a difference?

This workshop will equip your church and diocese to respond when disaster hits.

The Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF) believes that the local church is best positioned to make a powerful and immediate impact for the kingdom of God in the wake of disasters. In addition to international relief and development, our mandate is to partner with dioceses and local parishes to provide the financial support necessary to minister to those in need in your church and community.  Through our national networks and in partnership with dioceses across the nation, ARDF is able to rapidly deliver resources to Anglican churches for use in their local communities.

Over the past several years, we have worked with the College of Bishops to develop helpful protocols and procedures that make sense for dioceses and churches facing the immediate and overwhelming crises of a disaster. Whether you are a bishop, pastor, or church leader, join us for this workshop and learn how you can prepare and respond effectively to disasters in a way that empowers you to proclaim the love of Christ in word and deed.

Bill Deiss, ARDF Executive Dir.

Christine Jones, Director of Mobilization

Kelli Hample, Development Assoc.

The Rev. David Cumbie, Rector Apostles Houston
ARDF Disaster Relief Chairman








Mary Bates has served as the Disaster Coordinator and Director of NALC Disaster Response since January 2017.

Tommy Lamb is a member of St. Timothy’s Anglican Church in Spring, TX, Dean of the Laity in the Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast. Tommy spearheaded the relief efforts for the Diocese for Hurricane Harvey.

Rev. Greg Miller served as a parish Rector for 25 years. While serving an Anglican parish in New Jersey, superstorm Sandy devastated the New York and New Jersey coastlines.

The Matthew 25 Initiative

The Rev. Michael D. Wurschmidt, Rector of Shepherd’s Heart Fellowship and Executive Director of Shepherd’s Heart Veteran’s Home.

The Matthew 25 Initiative started with a vision from Archbishop Foley Beach and his desire to use a generous grant from an anonymous donor to help ACNA churches reach the poor and needy in their communities.  It is working.

Since 2015, the Matthew 25 Initiative has helped to fund over 80 new projects and ministries in the ACNA Province.  Who are your neighbors? How could your church show the love of Christ to those easily forgotten, overlooked, and passed-by? That’s what M25i is here for: to help kick-start those ministries. Pray. Dream. Plan. Apply.

Come to this workshop, and you will hear stories of hope and learn how you and your congregation can start a MT25 ministry.

Daughters of the Holy Cross: Discipleship through a Rule of Life

Diane Bringgold Brown, Provincial President, The Order of the Daughters of the Holy Cross and Team

Come learn about the Order of the Daughters of the Holy Cross, a religious society in the ACNA; who we are, what we do, and how a Chapter can bless your church and diocese as its members grow in the knowledge and love of Christ.

The team will give a brief history of the Order; share the vision of the Order and our Rule of Life; and provide information on forming a Chapter in your congregation.

Bring your questions. We are here to serve our Lord Jesus Christ by serving his Church.

Grandparents Making Disciples: Awakening a 'Retired' Generation

Catherine Jacobs, Founder and Executive Director of Pass the Legacy Ministry

  1. Living in the 21st century, we have a multitude of advantages at our fingertips. But we are also at the mercy of copious cultural lies.  One lie is that as we age our value diminishes.  We are to step aside to let the next generation take charge.  The Bible speaks differently.  Throughout Scripture, God’s Word clearly tells us of the significant purpose God designed for grandparents (known in Scripture as “forefathers” or “fathers”).  In Psalm 78:4 we are told to “tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord.”  God’s purpose for grandparents is to disciple their children and grandchildren.  Rather than “retiring”, God’s vision is “refiring”.  We are to be like Caleb, taking charge of the “hill country”.  Sadly, the Church has allowed the cultural mindset to direct our ecclesiastical thinking on the mission of grandparenting. Due to the paucity of resources for Christian grandparenting, many grandparents, who often comprise over 50% of our parish populations, are desperate for help in discipling their loved ones. Join Catherine in this breakout session to learn practical ways to equip grandparents in eternally impacting their children and grandchildren, who are the future generations of our Church.

    Catherine Jacobs, Breakout Leader

Every Tribe and Nation Network

Bishop Bill Murdoch

Session II is on Tuesday, June 18 from 3pm-4pm


Archbishop Ben Kwashi, Archbishop Foley Beach and dozens of Gafcon Bishops and Archbishops 

If Gafcon is a movement, what is it that we are moving towards? Come hear from some of the Gafcon leadership as they share the movement’s vision and answer questions from attendees. Don’t miss this rare chance to meet dozens of Bishops and Archbishops doing ministry around the globe.

Church at The Intersection of Gospel and Culture

Bishop Todd Hunter

This session seeks to instill confidence in leaders who stand in the chaotic intersection of Gospel and culture by introducing attendees to five tools for fruitful ministry: Taking Jesus serious about the Gospel of the Kingdom and its implications for church and mission Regarding church and culture, Jesus’s model of kingdom-living connected to and challenging sinners steers us clear from liberal accommodationist proposals or fundamentalist culture warrior notions. Miroslav Volf helps us get a sense of missional ecclesiology: No church without the reign of God . . . No reign of God without the church. The church is sign, instrument and foretaste of the consummation to come as it embodys, announces and demonstrates the in breaking of the kingdom of God. Churches have to change to engage in mission. Thus Missional leadership is a core discipline. Leading change is complex and demanding. What specifically do I change? What is the right scope of change? What is the right pace? This session will introduce the basic elements of change agent theory. This session will show that God’s empowering presence must guide, animate, authorize, empower, engift and enfruit everything above.

Bishop Todd Hunter

Using the New Marriage Rite in Premarital Instruction and Ongoing Pastoral Care

Dr. Stephen Noll
We shall look at the new ACNA “Rite of Holy Matrimony,” especially as found in the new ACNA Presentation Booklet, which is a resource for pastor and couples preparing for marriage and strengthening it beyond the wedding day.

About the Leader
The Rev. Dr. Stephen Noll is the ACNA Consultant for Marriage, Family and the Single Life. Dr. Noll, Professor Emeritus at Trinity School for Ministry, was involved in producing the Presentation Booklet, which includes a CD of his “Wed Talks,” 24 short talks on the church’s teaching and liturgy.

Making Disciples of all Nations Locally - Among International Students and the International Diaspora

Speakers: Leiton & Lisa Espineli Chinn (Anglican ISM Network – AISMN), and Rev. Mary McDonald (SAMS, & AISMN); and Sheryl Shaw (USA Director of Global Teams)

The nations have come to us in the form of international students and scholars, refugees and immigrants, and other global diaspora. We have an unprecedented opportunity to make disciples from all nations right here at home. Many have never heard the gospel in their home countries, and are eager to hear more about Jesus! Come hear how some Anglican parishes are reaching people from other faith backgrounds through hospitality and bible study, and enfolding them into their hearts, homes and Anglican houses of worship. And then what happens when these new believers return home!

2019 Psalter: Sing to the Lord a New Song - in Plainchant!

The Ven Dr Darrell Critch and Psalter Task Force

An Introduction to the Book of Common Prayer 2019 Renewed Coverdale Psalter

In this workshop Psalter Task Force members Dr Erika Moore, The Ven Dr Darrell Critch, Dr John Crutchfield and The Rev Dr Travis Bott, will discuss the historical place of the Psalter in Christian Worship and especially within Anglicanism.

They will share the process which lead to the production of the Renewed Coverdale Psalter found in the BCP 2019, and they will even introduce attendees how to chant the Psalms in worship.

This session will end with a time for questions and answers.

Engaging Younger Generations

Dave Wright

Psalm 78 declares the vital need to engage the next generation in matters of faith. God has a plan for the future of the church and it is centered on His people communicating His goodness to younger generations. This breakout will show you a simple, sustainable way to engage younger generations. Come learn about a model that can be used in any size church, is equally effective in evangelism and discipleship, and is not about starting programs but about connecting people. This model has been implemented in diocese across the ACNA and can radically transform your congregation.

Catechesis Masterclass

Rev. Lee M. Nelson

To Be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism will be released in its Approved Edition will be released soon, and has been in use as a working document for four years. Yet many still struggle to envision what teaching the catechism might look like. Can this kind of teaching be anything but dry and boring? Can it engage the imagination as well as the intellect? Can it be a participatory learning experience? In this Catechesis Masterclass, you will see how the catechism can be used to teach Anglican doctrines and practices through a classic call-and-response format in an engaging and winsome way.

Fostering and Protecting Our Missional and Relational Unity

Bishop Neil Lebhar, Bishop Steve Breedlove, Bishop Clark Lowenfield, Bishop Terrell Glenn, and Bishop Trevor Walters

ACNA has a variety of dioceses. The taskforce is focused on helping them all cooperate in mission and ministry. Our time together will be a combination of short presentations and discussion.

Joy in Sharing the Gospel: Exploring Faithful and Fruitful Ministries

The Rev Dr Andrea Millard with panelists The Rev Tish Warren, The Rev Anna Spray, and The Rev Heather Ghormley.

In his letter to the Philippians, St. Paul begins with a prayer of thanksgiving for those who join him in the joy of sharing the gospel.

In this session we will gather around the theme of how the gospel is changing lives in the ministry contexts in which we serve. We will hear from our panelists and from one another as we celebrate God’s work among us as we faithfully proclaim the gospel in a variety of ministry settings.

Join us for a time of learning, networking and giving thanks to God.

ACNA Benefits Discussion

Health presented by Rev. Gray Stephenson, The Solomon Benefits Group

Panel- Teri Stephenson, The Solomon Benefits Group; Erin Kautzner, NFP; Heidi Cottle, NFP

Retirement presented by Rev. Kirk Patterson, ACNA Controller. Member ACNA Retirement Plan Oversight Committee

Life and Disability Insurance  presented by Linda Mathesius, ACNA Human Resources Administrator


Did you know the ACNA offers group benefits to your full time clergy and staff?

We have a wide variety of insurance products that have been designed specifically for the church environment. We feel it is part of our mission to protect, support, and secure our clergy and staff from any and all possible hazards whether it be health, casualty, life, disability, retirement, or the innocent lives of our children. We have something to help you and your church find the coverage and products to best suit the needs of your employees.

We are pleased to announce that the ACNA now offers a national health plan on the national Blue Cross/Blue Shield network that not only honors our Christian tenets but also protects your church from the rising cost of health care. Find out about the ACNA partially self-funded plan and how it can benefit your church and your employees.

The Anglican Church in North America offers a full Life and Disability Insurance Plan for our member congregations. We serve people who work in churches – both clergy as well as lay staff – and Anglican ministries. Our insurance carrier is One America.

The ACNA also offers a Retirement Plan for clergy and lay employees.  This 403(b) defined contribution plan is designed to help you set funds aside for your retirement years, tax-deferred, while providing flexibility in the payment of retirement income.  Your employer may also make contributions on your behalf, which helps your money grow.

Please join us for a full review of the following products and get your questions answered. We are here to help in any way we can. We look forward to seeing you at the breakout session or visit us at Table #4 in the concourse.

Session III is on Tuesday, June 18 from 4:15pm-5:15pm

Toward a More Diverse Anglicanism: The Past, Present, and Future of Multiethnic and Ethnic Specific Ministry in the ACNA

Rev Dr. Esau McCaulley, Assistant Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College, Director of Next Generation Leadership Initiative ACNA

The stated mission of the ACNA is to reach North America with the transforming love of Christ. The north America what we are called to reach is increasingly diverse. Estimates say that by 2040, 51% of the United States will be Black, Latino, and Asian. To reach this North America we will need a diverse group of clergy and laity committed to the missionary call of the ACNA. This talk will explore our the foundations of the ACNA to explain the present state of ethnic diversity in the ACNA and provide helpful tools for the future.

Communion in Crisis: A New Reformation or a New Dark Age?

The Rev. Canon J. Philip Ashey, President & Chief Executive Officer of AAC

We are on the cusp of a once-every-500-year Reformation of Christianity!  This time the presenting issues are around the meaning of human identity and “human flourishing.”  At the same time, we are in a time of unprecedented persecution and martyrdom of Christians.  Within our own global communion of Anglican churches we are in a “Kairos” moment—literally a “crisis” opportunity to choose between western secularism, cultural Marxism, radical Islam and religious pluralism (on the one hand), and the Biblical vision of human flourishing under the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the other.  In this “big picture” breakout session we will address:

  • Where are Biblically faithful, missional Anglicans flourishing today—and why?
  • What can we learn from them?
  • What “deficits” in our own Anglican family must we address to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission to make disciples of all nations?
  • How can the Church structure itself more effectively at all levels for the sake of making disciples?

Will global Anglicans surrender to a new Dark Age fueled by western secularism?  Or will we preach the Gospel, whatever the cost, and uphold the Biblical vision of human flourishing under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  Come join us as we discern together the way forward!

For All the Saints: Engaging, Equipping and Empowering Women in Leadership

Bishop Clark, Deacon Lisa Schwandt and Katherine Ruch

God has a Mission, and God has a Church, the saints of God.  The thriving of His Church toward His Mission includes the effective discipleship and formation of all His saints.  Part of this design and plan encompasses the identification and training of those called to leadership, both male and female.  In this workshop, we will look at God’s biblical design for women in Christian leadership, celebrating their unique gifts, roles, and responsibilities, within the greater context of God’s equal but different created order for men and women.


About the Leaders
Bishop Clark WP Lowenfield, Katherine Ruch and Deacon Lisa Schwandt represent The Simeon Society, a powerful movement within the Anglican Church of North America who is seeking to encourage more and more the Engaging, Equipping and Commissioning of men and women into leadership on parish, diocesan and provincial levels. Bishop Clark is Bishop of the Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast and Founder of the Simeon Society. Katherine is a regular speaker and teacher at Resurrection-Wheaton, as well as nationally. She is married to Bishop Stewart Ruch, Bishop of the Diocese of the Upper Midwest. Deacon Lisa is the Dean of the College of Deacons for the Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast and on the Board of the Simeon Society.

The Place of Technology in the Story of God

John Dyer

Modern technology offers us many benefits from making our lives easier to reaching hurting and lost people, but there is a growing sense that technology might also be causing us as many problems as it solves. Does the story of scripture and the way of life that Jesus offers us have anything to say about this new world? This session will draw insight from theology, scripture, and studies on technology to help us faithfully navigate God’s world.

About the Leader: John Dyer (PhD candidate, Durham University) is the Dean of Enrollment and Educational Technology and a Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. John has been a technology creator for more than 20 years, building tools used by Facebook, Google, Apple, Anheuser-Busch, the Department of Defense, and the Digital Bible Society. He has written on technology and faith for a number of publications including Gizmodo, Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, and in the book From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupting Power of Technology.

Disciple-Making Through Worship and Music

Phillip Perceval and Team, St. Ebbs Oxford 

How does Christian singing grow and shape disciples of Christ – both in the gathering and in everyday lives? We are going to explore what it means to let the Word of Christ dwell in us richly as we sing, and consider some very practical ideas to help your church develop a culture of singing that is both heartfelt and full of truth.

About the Leaders:
Philip and Alanna minister at St Ebbe’s Church Oxford, and lead Emu Music, a ministry which trains church musicians and leaders in the theology and practice of biblical music ministry.

Reform and Restoration: The Formation of The Book of Common Prayer (2019)

The Most Reverend Robert Duncan with a Panel of Liturgy Task Force Members

“The Book of Common Prayer (2019) is the product of the new era of reform and restoration that has created the Anglican Church in North America.”  — BCP 2019 Preface

Join the conversation with a panel of Liturgical Task Force members who will briefly tell the story about how this prayer book emerged, including its formation, history, working assumptions and processes.

This workshop will feature a time for questions and answers generated at the session.

Anglican Identity and Disciple-making: The Diocese as Church Planting Engine

Rev. Cn. Dr. Dan Alger

The Anglican Church with its historic formularies and polity structure exists to carry on the disciple-making work of the Apostles, and just like the Apostles, church planting is our most effective way of doing so.  How can your diocese become an engine for church planting?  How can we leverage our Anglican heritage to see dozens of healthy churches planted by healthy church planters?  Whether you are a planter, a diocesan leader, or simply investigating church planting, come to this workshop to explore how, as Anglicans, we are uniquely positioned to pursue and support church planting.

“Our Anglican heritage uniquely positions us to carry on the disciple-making work of the Apostles by planting Gospel-centered, sacramental, missional churches.”

About the Leader:
Dan is a graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (BA- Communication Studies), Trinity School for Ministry (MAR- Biblical Studies), and Asbury Theological Seminary (D.Min- Church Planting). Dan has been the lead planter for two successful Anglican church plants, and has been a coach, trainer, overseer, and friend to dozens more.  He serves on the Executive Team of the GAFCON church planting network through which he assists in developing church planters across the globe.  His primary ministry is serving as the Canon for Church Planting for the Anglican Church in North America and leading Always Forward, the ACNA’s church planting initiative.  Dan also serves as the Executive Director of the Titus Institute for Church Planting.  He lives in Greensboro, NC with Karen, his wife, and his two young sons.

Discipleship Where Christianity is Marginalized and a Religious Minority

The Most Rev. Datuk Ng Moon Hing, Archbishop of SE Asia and bishop of West Malaysia
The Very Rev. Dr. Timothy Chung, Dean of the Deanery of Indonesia

Join two South Asia church leaders as they discuss how despite religious restrictions on worship and personal threats that include physical harm, loss of livelihood and imprisonment Christians continue to grow numerically, spiritually and theologically.

Making Disciples of all Nations Globally - Through Partnerships

Dr. Glen Petta (U.S. Director of SOMA); Rev. Bob Lawrence (Diocese of South Carolina’s Anglican Missional Partnerships Committee Chair); David Meeks (Anglican Frontier Missions Missionary) and Rev. Chris Royer (Anglican Frontier Missions Executive Director)

 Archbishop Foley Beach would love to see every Anglican parish in a reciprocal partnership with an overseas Anglican diocese or parish. Come and learn from those who have been developing these kinds of relationships over many years. Learn the dos and don’ts of partnering internationally across cultural differences, how to build relationships that are interdependent and healthy, and how to make disciples of all nations through prayer, collaboration and sharing resources.


Church and Family Catechesis: Bridging the Divide

Dr. Leslie F. Thyberg

Bridging the faith formation gap between Sunday and the rest of the week is a challenge, especially for parents without a strong background in family catechesis. As a church, we need to equip and empower families to reclaim their role as a forming center of catechesis. In this workshop, we will discuss the essential elements of discipleship and spirituality in Anglican families and how these practices can be used to form the hearts, not just of our children, but of their parents as well. We will also look at ways to promote Anglican spirituality in our congregations.