Session I is on Tuesday, June 18 from 11am-12pm

Church Culture Change Toward Disciple-Making

Bishop Clark Lowenfield and Team

Discipleship and Conversion: Can't Have One Without the Other

Dr. Bill Hull and Team

Introduction to the Contents of the BCP 2019

Liturgy Task Force
Leader TBD

Dicipleship and Formation

Dr. Greg Chapman and Team

Catechism 101

Rev. Dr. Stephen Lake and Rev. Dr. Joel Scandrett

This session is designed to answer all, or at least most, of your questions about To Be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism. The session will provide an overview of the structure and purpose of the catechism. It will explain the major changes in the recently released Approved Edition and the reasons for those changes. It will present a variety of settings and ways in which the catechism can be taught. We will close with questions and answers.

The Matthew 25 Initiative

The Rev. Michael D. Wurschmidt, Rector of Shepherd’s Heart Fellowship and Executive Director of Shepherd’s Heart Veteran’s Home.

The Matthew 25 Initiative started with a vision from Archbishop Foley Beach and his desire to use a generous grant from an anonymous donor to help ACNA churches reach the poor and needy in their communities.  It is working.

Since 2015, the Matthew 25 Initiative has helped to fund over 80 new projects and ministries in the ACNA Province.  Who are your neighbors? How could your church show the love of Christ to those easily forgotten, overlooked, and passed-by? That’s what M25i is here for: to help kick-start those ministries. Pray. Dream. Plan. Apply.

Come to this workshop, and you will hear stories of hope and learn how you and your congregation can start a MT25 ministry.

Every Tribe and Nation Network

Bishop Bill Murdoch

Making Disciples of All Nations: Growing Your Church Through Missions?

Jenny Noyes, Executive Director (Executive Director, New Wineskins Missionary Network, Rev. Chris Culpepper (Christ The Redeemer, Ft. Worth, TX), Rev. Phil Eberhart (Resurrection Anglican Fellowship, Denver, CO), and Wendy Niemeyer (Seed of Hope Global, Ada, MI).

Come and hear stories from church pastors and lay leaders whose parishes have experienced spiritual and numeric growth by having local and global missions as a central focus of their ministry. Many people erroneously think that they have to choose between focusing on discipleship within the parish and focusing on the needs of the community and the world. Discipleship and evangelism/mission are two sides of the same coin. You’ll hear testimonies from leaders from small and large, and rural, suburban and urban parishes to show how missional DNA leads to church health and growth in every area of the church’s life.

ARDF Disaster Relief and the Local Church

Leader TBA

Sandy, Harvey, Matthew, Maria, Florence. These are names that bring to mind images and experiences of devastation, suffering, and loss.  From hurricanes to wildfires to flooding, catastrophic tragedies seem to bombard us these days.  Our hearts break and we long to help, but often we are left asking how can we really make a difference?

This workshop will equip your church and diocese to respond when disaster hits.

The Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF) believes that the local church is best positioned to make a powerful and immediate impact for the kingdom of God in the wake of disasters. In addition to international relief and development, our mandate is to partner with dioceses and local parishes to provide the financial support necessary to minister to those in need in your church and community.  Through our national networks and in partnership with dioceses across the nation, ARDF is able to rapidly deliver resources to Anglican churches for use in their local communities.

Over the past several years, we have worked with the College of Bishops to develop helpful protocols and procedures that make sense for dioceses and churches facing the immediate and overwhelming crises of a disaster. Whether you are a bishop, pastor, or church leader, join us for this workshop and learn how you can prepare and respond effectively to disasters in a way that empowers you to proclaim the love of Christ in word and deed.

Daughters of the Holy Cross

Leader TBD

Session II is on Tuesday, June 18 from 3pm-4pm


Archbishiop Ben Kwashi

Church at The Intersection of Gospel and Culture

Bishop Todd Hunter

This session seeks to instill confidence in leaders who stand in the chaotic intersection of Gospel and culture by introducing attendees to five tools for fruitful ministry: Taking Jesus serious about the Gospel of the Kingdom and its implications for church and mission Regarding church and culture, Jesus’s model of kingdom-living connected to and challenging sinners steers us clear from liberal accommodationist proposals or fundamentalist culture warrior notions. Miroslav Volf helps us get a sense of missional ecclesiology: No church without the reign of God . . . No reign of God without the church. The church is sign, instrument and foretaste of the consummation to come as it embodys, announces and demonstrates the in breaking of the kingdom of God. Churches have to change to engage in mission. Thus Missional leadership is a core discipline. Leading change is complex and demanding. What specifically do I change? What is the right scope of change? What is the right pace? This session will introduce the basic elements of change agent theory. This session will show that God’s empowering presence must guide, animate, authorize, empower, engift and enfruit everything above.

Disciple-Making Through Word and Sacrament

Bishop Stewart Ruch and Team

Young Anglicans

Steven Tighe

Diocesan Disciple-Making Focus

Bishop Keith Andrews

Making Disciples of all Nations Locally - Among International Students and the International Diaspora

Speakers: Leiton & Lisa Espineli Chinn (Anglican ISM Network – AISMN), and Rev. Mary McDonald (SAMS, & AISMN); and Sheryl Shaw (USA Director of Global Teams)

The nations have come to us in the form of international students and scholars, refugees and immigrants, and other global diaspora. We have an unprecedented opportunity to make disciples from all nations right here at home. Many have never heard the gospel in their home countries, and are eager to hear more about Jesus! Come hear how some Anglican parishes are reaching people from other faith backgrounds through hospitality and bible study, and enfolding them into their hearts, homes and Anglican houses of worship. And then what happens when these new believers return home!

Fostering and Protecting Our Missional and Relational Unity

Bishop Neil Lebhar, Bishop Steve Breedlove, Bishop Clark Lowenfield, Bishop Terrell Glenn, and Bishop Trevor Walters

ACNA has a variety of dioceses. The taskforce is focused on helping them all cooperate in mission and ministry. Our time together will be a combination of short presentations and discussion.

New Coverdale Psalter: An Introduction by the Psalter Scholars

Leader TBA

Women in Holy Orders: Joy in Sharing the Gospel

Mtr. Andrea Millard and Panel Team

In his letter to the Philippians, St. Paul begins with a prayer of thanksgiving for those who join him in the joy of sharing the gospel.  As women in Holy Orders we will gather to share stories of how the gospel is changing lives in the ministry contexts in which we serve. As we hear about the love, compassion and growth we have seen, we’ll give give thanks to the Lord, confident that “the one who began a good work” among us will “bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (1:6).

We’ll also join in pray for one another following the pattern Paul used when praying for his ministry partners: “…that your love may overflow more and more with the knowledge and full insight to help you to determine what is best…for the glory and praise of God” (1:9-11).

If you are a woman in Holy Orders, please join us for this time of fellowship, networking, and celebration of God’s work among us.

Catechesis Masterclass

Rev. Lee M. Nelson

To Be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism will be released in its Approved Edition will be released soon, and has been in use as a working document for four years. Yet many still struggle to envision what teaching the catechism might look like. Can this kind of teaching be anything but dry and boring? Can it engage the imagination as well as the intellect? Can it be a participatory learning experience? In this Catechesis Masterclass, you will see how the catechism can be used to teach Anglican doctrines and practices through a classic call-and-response format in an engaging and winsome way.

Session II is on Tuesday, June 18 from 4:15pm-5:15pm

Engaging, Equipping and Empowering Women in Leadership

Deacon Lisa Schwandt and Katherine Ruch

Panel Discussion by the Liturgy Task Force: How the BCP 2019 Emerged

Leader TBA

Next Generation

Dr. Esau McCaulley

Church and Family Catechesis: Bridging the Divide

Dr. Leslie F. Thyberg

Bridging the faith formation gap between Sunday and the rest of the week is a challenge, especially for parents without a strong background in family catechesis. As a church, we need to equip and empower families to reclaim their role as a forming center of catechesis. In this workshop, we will discuss the essential elements of discipleship and spirituality in Anglican families and how these practices can be used to form the hearts, not just of our children, but of their parents as well. We will also look at ways to promote Anglican spirituality in our congregations.

From the Garden to the City - Discipleship and Technology

Dr. John Dyer

The Challenge to Anglicanism: A New Reformation or a New Dark Age?

The Rev. Canon J. Philip Ashey, President & Chief Executive Officer of AAC

Making Disciples of all Nations - Through Partnerships

Dr. Glen Petta (U.S. Director of SOMA); Rev. Bob Lawrence (Diocese of South Carolina’s Anglican Missional Partnerships Committee Chair); David Meeks (Anglican Frontier Missions Missionary) and Rev. Chris Royer (Anglican Frontier Missions Executive Director)

 Archbishop Foley Beach would love to see every Anglican parish in a reciprocal partnership with an overseas Anglican diocese or parish. Come and learn from those who have been developing these kinds of relationships over many years. Learn the dos and don’ts of partnering internationally across cultural differences, how to build relationships that are interdependent and healthy, and how to make disciples of all nations through prayer, collaboration and sharing resources.


Discipleship Through Missional Small Church Communities

Bishop Ron Jackson and Team

Disciple-Making Through Worship and Music

Phillip Perceval and Team, St. Ebbs Oxford